Aspen Appliance Inc. is the leading home appliance manufacturer. The company ensures a user-friendly indoor living and the home appliances made from innovative and advanced technology.

We use modern manufacturing techniques which provide high-quality and innovative products. Our standards are continuously on the rise. We are committed to developing high-class products that offer 100% customer satisfaction. Our sales are based on returning customers that like and appreciate our top-notch home appliances. Our workers are the best specialists in home appliances trade. They are reliable individuals who cultivate their production potential fully. We are there to listen and produce what you need at an affordable and reasonable price. Aspen Appliance Inc is an international company that has been recognized by various clients all over the world for its product’s design. We combine smart interior design and stylish home appliance. That is what makes Aspen among the best home appliance manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. We work elegantly to produce best/perfect design.

Innovation and Efficiency | Making Living Easier

As technology continues to advance, there is more demand to make our household appliances fit our modern lives. Aspen is one of first to develop a WiFienabled smart window fans and have moved continued to innovate throughout the years. As a fan being an almost essential household item, we have created solutions that are easy to maintain, wash, and control. Uniquely designed, our fans can be effortlessly disassembled for a quick rinse, making your life cleaner and simpler.